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Monday, August 20, 2012
Championship Night at the Dawson County Raceway

Running high, wide and handsome wasn't just a figure of speech for Mike Nichols of Harlan, Iowa as he used the method to hold off all challengers to win the IMCA Stock Car feature in Lexington, Nebraska at Dawson County Raceway on Sunday

 Driving into the spotlight and powering their hot rods to the IMCA winners circle were Cole Hodges, Jesse Sobbing, Mike Nichols, Anthony Martin and Dalton Smith during Championship night at Dawson County Raceway in Lexington, Nebraska on Sunday.
 Leading the way on the tacky oval was IMCA Modified hotshoe Cole Hodges of Ogallala, as he claimed his first Feature win of the 2012 season. Hodges led the final 12 laps of the highlighted events for the Modifieds. Finding traction and the groove along the inside berm, Cozad’s Steve Aitken won a heat race and took home runner-up honors in the Feature event. Riding around the top of the track on the cushion was third place finisher Cody Blessing of Kearney. Blessing was high, wide and handsome against the cushion with an early lead during the initial seven laps of the feature. Rounding out the top five finishers were Scott Smith of Davenport and Albion’s Tyler Iverson in fourth and fifth, respectively. Chuck Stryker of Eddyville joined Aitken in winning a heat race in feature qualifying events.
 Getting to the front by finding moisture around the bottom of the oval was Jesse Sobbing of Glenwood, Iowa in his Jet chassis IMCA Northern Sport Mods at the end of lap three. Once in the front, Sobbing climbed up to the cushion for the final 17 laps to take the checkered flag first in the feature event. Making a successful return to the dirt in Lexington was Tyler Frye of Belleville, Kansas; as he wasted no time in running to the front with the right rear tire planted firmly against the cushion to power to a runner-up finish in the podium. Both Sobbing and Frye started in row six for the feature event. Finding the right combination, Kearney’s Denny Egge was a force to be reckoned with during the feature, as he crossed the finish line in the show position. Battling throughout the contest, Bryan Herrick of Curtis and Cozad’s Colton Osborn earned fourth and fifth place accolades in the Feature. Sobbing, Osborn and North Platte’s Dillon Schultz all picked up heat race wins on Sunday.
 In the ‘Drive for Five’ Harlan, Iowa speedster Mike Nichols paced the field during the IMCA Stock Car Feature for the final 19 laps to claim another valuable victory. With his sights set on Nichols for much of the feature, Casey Werkmeister of Maywood wasn’t quite able to garner enough momentum around the bottom to rundown and pass Nichols. Werkmeister did take home runner-up accolades for his elite efforts. Nichols and Werkmeister both won heat races on Sunday in Lexington. Getting up on the steering wheel with gumption, Wallace’s Kyle Clough brought home third place honors in his Chevy Monte Carlo. Recovering greatly from early miscues and issues, Kyle Werkmeister of Maywood and Gothenburg’s Jeff Whiting drove their way back inside the top finishers to earn fourth and fifth place accolades.
 Leading the final three laps were the most important laps for Wilcox wheelman Anthony Martin as he piloted his IMCA Hobby Stock to the winners circle in the Feature to go along with his earlier in the night heat race win. Putting all sorts of pressure and more on Martin at the front of the field for the final circuits of the Feature was Norfolk’s Tiffany Bittner who was forced to settle with a runner-up finish. Finishing his season on a good note, Zach Canas of Cozad won a heat race before leading the initial nine laps of the Feature, and finish strong to the tune of a third place check. Capping off the top five in the Hobby Stock feature was Hasting’s Russ Speck and Larry Refior of Lexington, as they see-sawed for position, with Speck edged Refior for fourth place, with Refior crossing the stripe in fifth place overall. Heat race winner Tyler Andreasen of Grand Island led a pair of laps in the final circuits before heading to the pit area with mechanical issues.
 Flexing his muscle to win another Feature was Gibbon’s Dalton Smith in the IMCA Sport Compact Feature. Smith piloted his Chevy Beretta to the winners circle in superior fashion.
Unofficial Results:

 --IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 2. 7a-Steve Aitken; 3. 1x-Cody Blessing; 4. 50-Scott Smith; 5. 98t-Tyler Iverson; 6. 4c-Charley Brown; 7. XII-Jay Steffens; 8. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 9. 0-Kyle Rohleder; 10. 14-Jason Gallentine; 11. 24jt-Jeff Linner; 12. 6c-Cale Osborn; 13. 19-Chuck Stryker; 14. 97m-David Murray Jr.
 Heat 1: 1. 19-Chuck Stryker; 2. 97m-David Murray Jr; 3. 6c-Cale Osborn; 4. 98t-Tyler Iverson; 5. 1x-Cody Blessing.
 Heat 2: 1. 7a-Steve Aitken; 2. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 3. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 4. XII-Jay Steffens; 5. 50-Scott Smith.
 --IMCA Northern Sport Mods Feature: 1. 99-Jesse Sobbing; 2. 55-Tyler Frye; 3. 1x-Denny Egge; 4. 0-Bryan Herrick; 5. 50-Colton Osborn; 6. 7-Vince Leibert; 7. 11-James Libra; 8. 4p-Rick Putnam; 9. 25-Toph Harmon; 10. 12j-Kerry Jones; 11. 15-Tannner Winberg; 12. 69-Adam Kackmeister.
 Heat 1: 1.99-Jesse Sobbing; 2. 0-Bryan Herrick; 3. 25-Toph Harmon; 4. 68-Craig Howard; 5. 11-James Libra.
 Heat 2: 1. 55d-Dillon Schultz; 2. 55-Tyler Frye; 3. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 4. 1x-Cody Blessing; 5. 4p-Rick Putnam.
 Heat 3: 1. 50-Colton Osborn; 2. 12j-Kerry Jones; 3. 7-Vince Leibert; 4. 72h-Jim Hagan; 5. 15-Tanner Winberg.
 --IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 3. 11k-Kyle Clough; 4. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 5. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 6. 29e-Brendan Eilts; 7. 57-Dan Stoll; 8. 00-Sara Klein; 9. 20b-Brandon Clough; 10. 51b-Brandon Clough; 11. 31-Darin Racek.
 Heat 1: 1. 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 11k-Kyle Clough; 3. 20b-Brandon Clough; -Kyle Werkmeister; 4. 29e-Brendan Eilts; 5. 00-Sara Klein.
 Heat 2: 1. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 2. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 3. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 4. 57-Dan Stoll; 5. 31-Darin Racek.
 --IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 9a-Anthony Martin; 2. 95b-Tiffany Bittner; 3. 3z-Zach Canas; 4. 26x-Russ Speck; 5. R19-Larry Refior; 6. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 7. 26-Ryan Gardine; 8. 30a-Adam Morgan; 9. 30pk-Ethan Kenney; 10. 72h-Kevin Hagan; 11. 11p-Jamie Porterfield; 12. 40-Charley Lippitt; 13. 44-Caleb Hetrick; 14. 19-Dana Morgan; 15. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 16. 13t-Tyler Andreasen; 17. 66m-Christian McCance.
 Heat 1: 1. 9a-Anthony Martin; 2. 30pk-Ethan Kenney; 3. 26x-Russ Speck; 4. 19-Dana Morgan; 5. 30a-Adam Morgan.
 Heat 2: 1. 3z-Zach Canas; 2. 95b-Tiffany Bittner; 3. r19-Larry Refior; 4. 11p-Jamie Porterfield.
 Heat 3: 1. 13t-Tyler Andreasen; 2. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 3. 26-Ryan Gardine; 4. 72h-Kevin Hagan; 5. 5-Chuck Ledbetter.
 --IMCA Sport Compact Feature: 1. 12s-Dalton Smith.

Source: Kelly Ninas


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