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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Changes Made to Burger King Challenge Series For Area IMCA Northern SportMod Drivers
(Lexington, McCook, and North Platte, Nebraska-March 17) There is a slight name change for the Nine for Nine Challenge Series this year. For the fourth consecutive year, Burger King will sponsor the series, but the name of it will now be "The Burger King Challenge".  This year the IMCA (International Motor Contest Association) Northern SportMod division will challenge for a share of the $2,500.00 purse.  Last year, the class made it's debut at Lincoln County Raceway in North Platte and Dawson County Raceway in Lexington, and was sanctioned for the first time at McCook Speedway.  This year, new racers and many drivers from other classes are building SportMods to run in the area.  Fans of racing and the "BK Challenge" should be abuzz by the healthy increase of SportMods and the competition they will have in qualifying for the championship race, to be held at Dawson County Raceway August 21.
Drivers interested in the series must run eight of nine selected nights between the three tracks to qualify.  Unlike in years past, when only the top nine in points qualified for the championship race, ANYONE who runs eight of nine nights qualifies for the championship race.  Any driver that qualifies earns $100.  Whatever is left of the purse will be divided among the top nine finishers of the August 21 race.  The winner of the championship race will receive the lion's share of that money, a trophy, and bragging rights.  There will be no registration fee to run the series, but the drivers must either be registered at each track, or pay a temporary registration fee to the tracks he or she has not registered.  For more information, contact Allen Wissmann at 308-991-4645, or Ed Milne at 308-530-1578.
The series races will be as follows:
May 14-Lincoln County Raceway, North Platte
May 20-McCook Speedway, McCook   
May 29-Dawson County Raceway, Lexington
June 10-McCook Speedway, McCook
June 14-Lincoln County Raceway, North Platte
June 19-Dawson County Raceway, Lexington
July 2-Lincoln County Raceway, North Platte
July 8-McCook Speedway, McCook
July 24-Dawson County Raceway, Lexington
August 21-Dawson County Raceway--Championshp Race

Source: Darin Racek


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